Daydreaming About a Patio

Let’s be really honest here. Eric and I do not live in our “dream” home. When we started looking for a house last year, it was because we firmly believed we should stop giving someone else our money (rent) and start investing in ourselves (mortgage). Buying a house was a logical conclusion, but our budget was tight and the market was hot, so we bought a “starter” home we could grow into. And it has a lot of, um, quirks.

While our house is pretty large for two people, I do have a couple of complaints that rear up from time to time. The first is the size of our kitchen and it’s lack of counterspace and storage. Let’s save that topic for another day, shall we?

The second complaint, which is definitely exacerbated by gorgeous weather, is our lack of outdoor space. Don’t get me wrong, we bought a house with plenty of yard, but that’s about it. There’s no deck, no garden, no comfort to speak of. So while a new kitchen configuration will take a lot of time and dolla dolla bills, this month we’re setting our sights on making our backyard habitable.

For starters, here’s some photos of what we’re working with.

We have a driveway that goes straight through to the backyard bordered by some ugly dirt and patches of weeds. My first instinct is to create a sense of ambiance by putting in a container garden.

A container garden appeals to me for the following reasons:

  1. I’m not a landscaper, so I like the flexability of being able to move things around until I like what I see.
  2. Using various pieces of furniture like chairs, benches and tables, I can create texture and visual interest by playing with height.
  3. I can create a color story with the furniture and planters by painting them in a cohesive color scheme.

Of course, my first stop in finding the patio of my dreams needs was Pinterest. Here are a few of the inspirations I found.

We’re starting slowly. First, I’m building the above mentioned container garden, and we’re going to try to find a new outdoor rug. I’m also planning to repaint the Adirondack chairs and furniture we already have. In addition, I spent several hours this weekend at yard sales and flea markets and found a lot of good stuff to start my garden! I have a ton of planters, a headboard, some chairs, a basket, and old watering can – you get the idea. Here’s a few photos, but this isn’t everything.

We also made a quick run to Lowe’s and bought about 10 cans of spray paint. My goal for the week is to clean everything I picked up so that I can start painting next weekend. Our colors are blush and bashful teal, navy and gray, which I think will pop against the white exterior of our house.

So, that’s about it for now. I’m thinking of doing a post outlining plans for each room and space of our house, with a list of projects, like Young House Love used to do. There’s so much more to come for the backyard, and then we’re going to focus on the kitchen this fall.

Very exciting things ahead!

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(Image credit: The Fresh Exchange)

Down the Rabbit Hole

The Prettiest Patios on the Internet (And How to Get the Look) – As I mentioned in my last post, Eric and I are planning to make some changes to our backyard, and these photos are giving us major inspiration.

How to Do Anything – One of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, is taking a week-long break, but Joanna posted this roundup of all of her How To guides. Definitely adding this one to my reading list.

Fare Isle – I’ve been following Kaity on IG for months now, and only just popped over to her blog this week. Her photos are so dreamy, and her career is basically #lifegoals.

Things I’m Living For

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner – My hair is a lot to manage, even when it’s cut short. I have spent three decades trying to tame this wild beast and have finally, FINALLY found the perfect combination that works. I’ve tried fancy Japanese brands, salon recommendations, over-the-counter and special order smoothing serums and leave-in conditioners. In the end, my hair always seems to dry out at the ends and lose shape. But not with Living Proof. My hair has never been softer, healthier, and more vibrant. I am in L.O.V.E.

Bucky 40 Blinks Luxury Ultralight Comfortable Contoured Eye Sleep Mask – Eric and I switched our master bedroom a few months ago, and while I like the cozier feel of the smaller room, it also lets in a lot of natural light – early morning light, late afternoon light, basically #allthelight. And we haven’t added curtains yet. I sometimes work overnight for my “day” job, and try nap beforehand to make it to my 6:00 AM handoff. Since moving rooms, that nap has been nearly impossible due to the overabundance of lovely, but unwanted, sunlight. My sister-in-law recommended this sleep mask to me about a month ago, and I’ve slept like a baby ever since.

Wustof Classic Hollow-Edge Nakiri 5″ Knife – A good set of knives are a game changer in the kitchen. We were very fortunate to be gifted several for our wedding, and this one is by far my favorite. I love chopping vegetables. Or dicing them. Or slicing them. Being in the kitchen in general is very therapeutic to me, and this knife has just made the task of prepping that much more soothing. I have heart-eyes for this knife. Seriously.


Checking In

Welp, as usual, I made a plan and didn’t stick to it. Ha!

I wrote about a bunch of challenges I wanted to do for the year in this post, and while I may have stuck to the spirit – none of them really took off.

Let’s check in, shall we?

  1. Read 52 Books: Still in progress, though not looking good. I’ve read about 11 books this year, though I’m currently almost done with 3.
  2. 3 Month Shopping Diet: I think the last clothing I bought was for my rehearsal dinner and honeymoon, so this was an unintentional success. I’ve been buying a lot of unnecessary OTHER things though, like books and makeup. So, semi-successful, but not completely.
  3. 3 Month Capsule Wardrobe: I still want to do this. May start in August?
  4. Whole30 (Again): Eric and I are committed to a healthier lifestyle. We don’t want to do a full Whole30 month, but we are getting back to meal planning and cutting out most grains, dairy and added sugars. It’s been pretty difficult over the summer, what with ice cream, beer, and cheese burgers around every corner. I’m considering posting my plans to the blog and maybe a few recipes a week? I don’t know. We’ll see.
  5. 30 Days of Yoga: Nope. Haven’t even touched this one, though I definitely should.
  6. 30 Days of Meditation: Also nope.
  7. Training for the Peachtree Road Race: Another semi-success. Between my running schedule and workouts with Kate, I did complete the Peachtree, though it was tough and definitely not my best. I hate running in the summer, and basically stopped around the time we went to the beach in June. I’m signed up for the Triple Peach, which means I have a 10 miler in October and a half marathon on Thanksgiving day, so I better get back at it.

    All smiles. This is a “before” picture. Clearly.

Other recent successes? While I haven’t been writing here, I have been working on a few stories. I don’t know if they’ll ever become novels, but I’m proud of what I’m writing, even if one of them is a super cheesy vampire fantasy.

I’ve also been cooking a lot, and reading about cooking, and reading about spices and meat cuts and knife skills, and basically just learning to be a better home chef. It’s been a blast.

I’m on page 172 and I’m still just learning about types of fruit. #thorough

We’re also planning a few home projects over the next month or so. Both of our bathrooms need work due to the shoddy craftsmanship of the previous owners/renovators. We also desperately want to turn our backyard into a place we enjoy spending time. Right now, it’s just sort of…there. We’re throwing ideas together right now, and I hope we get to start making changes in the next few weekends.

So, that’s where life is right now. Eric and I are both super busy, but we’re enjoying it. I was in a funk for a few months, but I feel like I’m out of the fog. I’m feeling reinvigorated, and more creative. I don’t know what that means for this space, if anything, but my goal (hahahahahahaha) is to try to throw some more content up here about what changes we’re making, and what meals we’re planning, what books we’re reading, those sort of things. If I do the capsule wardrobe challenge in August, I’ll post about it here for sure (am I really doing it if no one knows about it??).

Until then, if you’re reading this – thanks! Uh – here’s a photo from our wedding day!



Travel Capsule: Nashville Bachelorette

Nashville Bachelorette


One day, in the distant future (after the statutes of limitations have expired – ha!), I may do a post about my bachelorette weekend. For now, let’s talk about the clothes!
I packed a fairly light wardrobe for the three day weekend. The above is a general idea, not an exact replica of my packing list. I do not own $805 loafers, and if I did, I definitely would not wear them on a Saturday night, navigating drunken crowds, from honky-tonk to honky-tonk. I also would never wear a pussy bow. But I digress.
Here’s how I planned my outfits:
  • Friday; Travel; 4 hours in a car – Gray Bride T-Shirt, Black Skinny Jeans, Loafers, Jacket
  • Friday; Various and Sundry Nightlife Options – Black Graphic Tee, Black Skinny Jeans, Loafers
  • Saturday; Picnic at Arrington Vinyard – Buffalo Plaid Shirt, Blue Jeans, Riding Boots
  • Saturday; Dinner at Pinewood Social and Honky-Tonk Shenanigans – White Bride Shirt (not pictured, provided by MOH), Black Jeans, Jacket, Riding Boots
  • Sunday; Brunch at The Southern – Green Shirt, Either Pair of Jeans
A few additional things to note: Obviously I packed underwear and PJs. I also packed one workout outfit and a pair of sneakers which went unused for obvious reasons. And of course, a few of our plans changed, as is wont to happen. We stayed in on Friday night instead of painting the town, and I changed into leggings for the duration. I also wore my MOH’s cowgirl boots on Saturday night, instead of my own riding boots. Otherwise, I stuck pretty close to the spirit of my packing list. The only thing shown that I didn’t wear was the black graphic tee.
How did I plan my capsule?
  1. I look at the weather. This is the #1 thing you should do. Let it be known, however, that I ignored a lot of what I saw because I stubbornly wanted to believe it was spring.
  2. I make a list of all of the activities I’m planning to do, and I assign very generic uniforms/outfits I’d like to wear with them. This included t shirts with jeans, a top with a maxi skirt, a dress, etc.
  3. I assign specific clothes I own to the outfits. For example, I knew I wanted to wear jeans and a graphic tee on Friday night, so I picked my Eiffle Tower graphic and black jeans. I also thought I could wear a chambray top with my black maxi for the vineyard or one of my flowery maxi dresses.
  4. I take a realistic look at what I can pair together. I take into account colors, as well as the fabric. In this case, obviously anything would go with jeans. Every top I ended up choosing could go with every bottom and the shoes. I knew the weather would be too cold to wear sandals, and I hate the look of a maxi dress with closed toed shoes, so those options were scraped.
  5. I lay everything out on my bed to ensure I have both enough clothes and not too many.*
  6. I pack!

The next step is to take these basic principals and apply them to my every day for three months. I’m still in the clearing out my closet stage, but I’m hoping to make more progress on selecting pieces for my capsule wardrobe this weekend!

*My real clothes. iPhone photos are not as pretty as Polyvore.

Coming Soon!

I know you’re all desperately concerned at the lack of posts. I had my bachelorette party this weekend, and I might still be recovering. Haha. I have a good Speed Read post coming at you soon, and I’m hoping to get started on this capsule planning. Plus a quick and dirty home project. So stick around this week! 

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My Year Without Shopping. Part of the inspiration for my springtime shopping diet.

How We Shop for Rugs. At some point in the next 6 months to 10 years, I plan to buy a new rug for my living room using these pieces of advice.

Unputdownable: 17 books I read in 24 hours or less (because they were just that good). This is a lifestyle blog for the BOOKISH after all.

Things I’m Living For


I’m putting this section on hold for a week or two, but don’t worry. It’ll be back very soon.


What It’s All About

Alright, friends. It’s been about 2 weeks since I started updating regularly again. In that time you’ve seen reviews about books, plans for a capsule wardrobe, a look at the Whole30 diet, a personal recap of 2016, and a summary of hygge.

What a hodgepodge of concepts.

And yet they are all scattered pieces of a larger whole – my goal for a simpler, more intentional life. A debt free, organized and tidy life of free time, and vacations, and patios, and barbecues, and good books, and dinner parties.

Photo Credit: Unknown – Tell me if it’s yours!

It sounds impossible at times, but the roadmap is already in place. After reading hundreds of blog posts, articles, and books, I’ve realized that minimalism, budgeting, capsules, fitness, healthy eating, yoga, meditation, reading – it all leads to one, very simple place – intentional living.

I’m planning to update the blog structure soon to reflect each piece of this broader puzzle, so that the posts are easier to find. I’m thinking the categories will look something like this:

  1. Book Reviews
  2. Budgeting
  3. Healthy Eating
  4. Fitness
  5. Decluttering
  6. Minimalism/Hygge
  7. Home Décor/Design
  8. DIY Projects at Home

Also, because just changing your life all at once doesn’t really work, I’m planning to take a few “challenges” this year, to jump start new habits. Some of the challenges (and goals) I’ll be tracking this year:

  1. Read 52 Books
  2. 3 Month Shopping Diet
  3. 3 Month Capsule Wardrobe
  4. Whole30 (Again)
  5. 30 Days of Yoga
  6. 30 Days of Meditation
  7. Training for the Peachtree Road Race

Hopefully I’ll learn a lot, and maybe even provide some tips and insight for you. What else do you want to see or read about in this corner of the Internet? Leave a comment. I’m all ears.