Notes on Reading

Notes on Reading: Happy New Year!

Good evening, readers! It’s been a while (you’ve heard that before).

House Keeping: I’m taking this blog back to it’s roots. I’ve removed a lot of my random posts about food and DIY projects and capsule wardrobes. I may still meditate on the virtues of a pretty rug from time to time, listed under the Random Thoughts category, but for the most part you’ll just see Book Reviews and Notes on Reading.

Resolutions: As with most humanoid Americans, I’ve made several resolutions – drink 64 oz of water per day, workout out more, hike more, the usual. These are for my overall well being, because contrary to what 2018 Jenny thought, you can’t just sit in a cocoon and drink wine and pet puppies all day every day. I mean, you can, technically, but then you’ll gain 20 lbs and uncomfortably squeeze into your NYE outfit and question your choices for the year. Rinse. Repeat.

ANYWAY. These resolutions are important, to be sure. But the one I’m most excited for is literary.

I’ma read 52 books this year! I’ma do it, I swear. AND I’m going to write 52 reviews while I’m at it.

  • To keep myself accountable, and stick it to cancer at the same time, I’ve joined Cannonball Read 11.
  • To keep it affordable, I’m only going to read books I already own (with the exception of book club picks).
  • To keep it interesting, I’m doing the Modern Mrs. Darcy and Reading Women challenges.

So, that’s all for now. Check back tomorrow for my January TBR list.

Do YOU have any resolutions for 2019? What are they? How are you keeping yourself accountable?

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