My Psuedo-Happiness Project

Wow. It’s been a while, yet again. Did you miss me? Okay, let’s jump right in, shall we. This post is brought to you by the letter V for Vulnerability.

Last night, as Eric and I tried to enjoy a walk to dinner in the gorgeous spring weather, I stewed over some imagined slights. Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you: you get mad at your significant other, you internalize it, you wait for the least opportune moment, then, as you’re walking to meet three other friends for dinner, your floodgates open, and you pour out everything you’ve pent up, and as you’re talking you realize your anger and discontent has nothing to do with your amazingly supportive person, but your own lack of focus and drive and goals.

Just me? Cool.

Some people live to work. They’re passionate about what they do, and they can’t wait to do it every day. Most people work to live. They get that Friday paycheck and they use it out in the world to create a meaningful (to them at least) existence on this planet.

I’ve had a hard time with the living part, lately. Not in a dark way, just in a “I don’t know what I want to do with my non-working hours” way. I’m taking a writing class right now, and I’m pretty certain I’m not that great at it. I want to take more photos, but I don’t know what I want to photograph. I want to cook more, but let’s be honest. I’m just plain lazy during the week.

I started reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project yesterday, and it got me thinking about the changes I want to make in my life to find my happiest happiness. Rubin started in January. I don’t think that’s necessary. I’m starting today. Here are my goals for the rest of the year. 8 months = 8 goals. I’ll assign them months once I think this through a little more (and maybe finish more than two chapters of the book).

  1. Clean – May
  2. Write
  3. Work out
  4. Diet (better eating, not fad)
  5. Meditate
  6. Yoga
  7. Save money
  8. Wake Up

I feel like mastering these habits will help make room in my life for the creative things I’m missing. These goals won’t give me purpose, but I’m hoping to find it while I work on them. I don’t know. Is that stupid? Maybe. But in the meantime, maybe my house will be a little cleaner, my body will be a little healthier, and I’ll have more time in my day.

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