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Oh, hello. Sorry for the unexpected hiatus. In a completely related note, I have a post coming up on depression! Also some meal planning stuff, some closet stuff, and some backyard stuff. Until then, here are a few good reads for the week.

Down the Rabbit Hole

The Best Netflix Original Standup Comedy Specials – I’ve seen a few of these, and they were fantastic. I’m also really excited about the The Standups.

Tami Taylor Lines For When You Need A Life Coach – Let’s be real for a second. Life is weird and sad right now. Sometimes I just need Connie Britton to tell me the sun’s going to come up tomorrow.

If You Are Looking for Reasons to Be Happy, You’ll Probably Find Them – Such great advice and perspective. Eric woke up in a sour mood and was less than excited to go into the office the other day. I used the basis of this essay trying to help turn his morning around and it kind of worked! I’m trying to do the same for myself, and intend to start journaling more. I find writing about things I’m grateful for really does change my mood (shocking revelation, I know). I’m hoping to create a habit that might shift my behavior and stave off the little depression-demon that seems to take up residence in my brain and chest every few weeks.

This literally made me laugh for five full minutes.

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