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More patio inspiration! Photo Credit: Unknown (but if it’s yours, let me know!)

Alright. I’m doing it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lists, so I’ll be posting a list of our plans for the house “room” by “room”. I think it’ll be interesting to look back and see our progress, but also what we change. Already my ideas for the backyard have shifted and morphed and evolved and devolved like 12 times since we bought our house. Two examples:

  1. When we first moved in, I wanted to plant a garden in the little patch of dirt by the kitchen door. A kitchen garden, if you will. Sounds so quaint, right? But let’s be real – I am not a gardener.
  2. When we first talked about making the driveway area more patio-like, we planned to create a container garden around the edges and update our furniture. But the more we talked, the more we realized we just really want a porch. So this summer we’re building a deck, and next summer, God- and finances-willing, we’ll be building a lean-to! It’s not the full, gorgeous, lazy front porch of my dreams with a haint blue ceiling, fans, and a porch swing. But it’ll do just fine for my bourbon-sipping, southern summer thunderstorm nights, thankyouvermuch!

So, without further ado – a list!

  • Obtain planters and old furniture Done for now, because Eric told me to stop picking up so much stuff from Nextdoor.
  • Re-pot lavender from mom’s garden Done, and it’s still alive 3 days later!
  • Weed the side garden – In Progress
  • Construct floating deck – In Planning Phase
  • Refinish current furniture – Materials purchased
  • Paint planters – Materials purchased
  • Purchase tiki torches
  • Purchase plants for container garden
  • Purchase new outdoor rug
  • Hang lanterns in trees
  • Run lights from house overhead
  • Purchase outdoor pillows for Adirondack chairs
  • Run electricity to shed
  • Build Lean-To
  • Seal deck
  • Put lattice around gap under shed
  • Build stairs to shed
  • Place pavers to shed
  • Build loft in shed for storage
  • Build firepit area
  • Place pavers to firepit

This is a TON of work, obviously. The first 12 items I plan to have done by early August. I’m hoping to find an affordable electrician to help us with the shed by March of next year, and then the deck and the lean-to will hopefully happen next summer. I’m not sure what our plans are for the remaining items, yet. Depending on time and cost they could happen quickly, or they could be a 2019 project.

How am I keeping this all together, you might be asking yourself. Welp, Eric and I both work in project management, and we’ve been talking about doing a KanBan board for our projects for a while. I don’t need another physical thing in my house, so I went searching for an app that’ll help us, and I found one! It’s called Airtable, and I am IN. LOVE.

I spent a good portion of last night building my tasks and organizing them by room and target date to complete. I can view everything as one large list, broken up by room, or by status. It’s so AWESOME. Here are some snapshots.

Main View
With this view, I can see all of my house tasks in one holistic view, and I can sort by room, status, or target date. I may add a priority view here as well.
Grouped by Room
Here I can group my tasks by room specifically. Eric and I are working on specific rooms roughly by season. Summer = backyard, fall = kitchen, etc. This view helps us organize the timeline for each room, without the distraction of 50 other tasks.
And of course, the KanBan view! Here I can see the projects that are currently in progress, and what we have coming up. We’ve purchased a lot of the materials we need for specific tasks for the yard, and we are finalizing plans for others. We’re also at the beginning stages of planning for the kitchen. Updating almost every room in the house can be overwhelming, and it’s difficult not to shift focus when I see a cool spread in Apartment Therapy or on Instagram. This view helps me stay on track, both in terms of planning, as well as spending. Since the living room updates won’t happen until at least springtime, there’s no need to get distracted by rug sales just yet!

Right now I have tasks in my Home Plan that go all the way through Spring of 2019. Realistically, I’m sure some of these tasks will get moved out even further, or our vision could change completely. But for now, I feel like we have a good direction. Breaking up the rooms and projects like this makes everything much more manageable.

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