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Johnny enjoying his new bed, made from recyclable materials. A large, quality dog bed for less than $100?! It exists. It’s real. And I have it.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Smart Organizing Solutions that Make It Easier to Share a Bathroom, 7 Clever Ways to Organize Tupperware and Food Storage Containers, & ​The 20-Minute Daily Clean Routine That’ll Give You Your Weekends Back – I can’t pass up a good list of cleaning tips, and Apartment Therapy always has plenty!

Home DIY: Mini Succulent Planters – On the hunt for inexpensive planter options, I came across this little tutorial, and I LOVE it. I’m thinking I might try it out once we make some headway on building our patio.

Easy & Inexpensive Saggy Couch Solutions – Our main couch is a big green sleep sofa that Eric has had for about 10 years. We can’t afford a new one anytime soon, so I’m hoping this trick will help bring our green monster back to life for a little while.

Things I’m Living For


The Bodyguard soundtrack – Eric has started working at a local growler shop a few times a month, and since he had a shift last night, I was left home alone with 2 lbs of hanger steak, a bottle of wine, and no plans. After a few minutes of browsing HBO’s little corner of the internet, I found that HBO Now is currently streaming The Bodyguard, and you better believe my inner 8 year old was belting along to every Rachel Marron ballad.

Retta’s Instagram Stories – Every weekday morning she posts the same thing. She wakes up, sings “Good Morning to You”, makes Dark Magic coffee in her Kuerig, adds International Delight, takes a sip, and then smiles and says good morning. And for some reason I AM HERE FOR IT. It just brightens my day.

This hairdryer – This hairdryer has changed my life. For years I used brands from Target, and they were…fine. But my hair is so thick that it could take upwards of 45 minutes to really get it dry, and it was impossible to style because it would take too long. This hairdyer dries my hair in six minutes. SIX. 6!!! And I know what you’re thinking – Jenny, you cut you hair. Of course it takes less time. NO! I’m here to tell you that when I was growing my hair out for my wedding, this hairdryer could do the job in TWELVE MINUTES. Guys. LIFE. CHANGING.

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