Home Owners

Home Owners: We Bought Our First House

On a Saturday in early March, I was walking down Cherokee next to Grant Park and the zoo. I was in my own world, listening to Hamilton and silently mouthing the words, when an SUV rolled down its window and a woman started waving at me. As I got closer, I realized it was my friend, Linda. She and her husband had been wandering the neighborhood with a realtor, window shopping for houses.

She introduced me to her realtor, Tim, from Keller Williams.

“Tim, from Keller Williams.” I said. “You didn’t happen to sell [my best friend and other life partner] her house over in Edgewood, did you?”

He grinned from ear to ear, and confirmed.

“My fiance and I are thinking about buying a house next year. We’ll have to look you up!” I said.

“I wouldn’t wait. The market is phenomenal right now, but it’s about to turn. Give me a call – let’s talk about what you’re looking for.”

Eric and I talked a lot that night, and over the next few days. We’re not ready, is the consensus we came to. And yet over and over we came back to a dollar figure – how much we were spending in rent every year. How much we were putting into someone else’s pockets.

We called Tim later that week, and he discussed various types of loans, how much money we could put down, what the benefits and drawbacks were. We decided to go ahead and talk to a lender. “Just to see.”

Julie was a dream. She was patient, answering every basic question we had, sometimes twice if Eric wasn’t around when we went over it the first time.

And so we started the hunt. The first day we saw 10 houses, and fell in love with one, put an offer down, and went under contract. That house fell through, and over the next 2 months, we saw over 40 more houses, fell in love with seven, put offers on 6, went under contract with 3, and finally closed on one.

I love our new home.

image1 (2).JPG

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